CNU’s The Captain’s Log: An In-Depth Interview with Mayoral Candidate, Phillip Jones

The Captain’s Log sat down with Newport News mayoral candidate, Phillip Jones for an in-depth interview about the goals and policies that he hopes to put into motion if elected.

Jones, a native of Virginia, grew up in a military family and is a Marine Corps Veteran. He graduated from Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School. Jones is actively involved in the Newport News community, serving on the Newport News Planning Commission, the Board of Directors for Habitat for Humanity Peninsula, and the Board of Trustees for the Commonwealth’s Veteran Services Foundation.

You can learn more about Jones on his campaign website:

  • Why are you running for mayor, Mr. Jones? 

“I’m running to be the next mayor of Newport News because Newport News should be a top 100 city in America. We have the assets, we have the Shipyard, Fergueson, Canon, The Tech Center, Jefferson Labs. We should literally be on the map, but I have always said we are asset strong and we are strategy poor. What we need is a youthful vision, that is supported by a lot of mentors…to unify the city, to bring us together and move us boldly into the future”

  • Have you always wanted to run for mayor?

“I think this is a moment in time when there is a lot of energy happening in Newport News and I think Mayor Price has laid a really great and strong foundation, but now it is time to use that and capitalize on it and move into the next decade. There’s been a lot of things happening around the country, we have COVID, which has affected Newport News, we have a large portion of our population that is underserved, underbanked, that live in food deserts. I think COVID has allowed cities across the country to revamp, to reorganize and to say, “what type of life do you want for your citizens?” and I want to be at the vanguard of reimagining what it means to live in Newport News.”

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