Black Virginia: Phillip Jones, 33, to Be Sworn in as One of America’s Youngest Mayors on Jan. 10

At 33, Phillip Jones will be among the youngest Mayors in the United States when he takes office in eight days. Jones will be sworn in on Jan. 10 at 11 a.m. in Newport News. He will be the city’s 27th Mayor, succeeding McKinley Price, 73, who took office in July of 2010.

On Nov. 8, Jones won a competitive mayor’s race in Newport News against several known elect officials who were members of the Newport News City Council. Few were able to predict what the outcome would be, but Jones came out on top as the decisive victor.

Even though he is only 33, Jones, a management consultant, has advised businesses on strategic planning, marketing and their inter-connected operational goals. Even before taking office, Jones’ resume is one of the most impressive in Virginia politics.

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